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Greenworlder Community Guidelines

Greenworlder is a global community built to increase sustainability and inclusion through everyday actions to make a real impact on the world.


To keep the platform interesting and full of curious content, we encourage all of our community members to proceed with the following:

Talk about sustainability

Greenworlder is a social media platform for sustainability, so when it comes to topics, only the sky is the limit! If you think it’s about sustainability, it most probably does belong on Greenworlder. For us, sustainability means both environmental topics, such as nature, climate and recycling, but also responsible business and governance, as well as social sustainability, including human rights, inclusion, and politics.

You can find the full list of topics here:

Tag your content under the correct categories

We don’t use traditional algorithms on Greenworlder to push content to our users, so to get content to everyone’s feed we mostly use interest-based recommendations. For this reason, it’s important that you mark your posts under relevant categories so other people can also find them and there’s always interesting stuff to be found in the feed.

Ask questions and be curious

All good things start with curiosity and as we all know, there’s no such thing as stupid questions. We highly encourage dialogue and recommend asking all the questions you have as it’s the best way to learn. Questions also open conversations and that’s exactly what we wish to happen on Greenworlder.

Share different points of views – and stay polite while at it

We don’t always have to agree to have a good conversation, but we should mind our manners while engaging in conversations. So, even when a conversation gets heated, take a minute before answering and think about how to say what you need to say without coming across as impolite.

Attend conversations

Whether it’s in groups or the feed, it’s important that you find the space you like to use for conversations. Test things out and find your own way of communicating with the community.

Openly talk about issues and problems of the world

Open conversation is the first step towards solving problems. Greenworlder is an excellent platform for pointing out problems and issues the world and society are facing – as well as solving them. However, remember that there are many perspectives to topics and good manners are key – keep the content and language appropriate, no matter the topic.

Show support to others

The power of community is that we can achieve great things together. Leave a comment, give thumbs up for good ideas, share interesting topics, or invite new members to become part of the community. Let’s build a supporting, innovative, and idea-rich community together.

Reach out to the Greenworlder team whenever needed

We are here to support and help you, so whatever you may need, reach out either by tagging our account or sending a message to us (@greenworlder) or get in touch by email ( We are always patrolling and will get back to you as soon as possible!

To make sure Greenworlder remains a platform where everyone feels safe and respected and that complies with laws and regulations, some restrictions are necessary.

For this reason, we don’t accept:

  • Misinformation

We don’t accept deliberately spreading misinformation of any sort, including links that are leading to a different site than promised. However, we do acknowledge that science may prove previously found facts untrue, or a report may miss some key components and therefore turn out to be inaccurate. We also acknowledge that we all are human and sometimes incorrect information gets shared by us, humans. If incorrect information is accidentally shared, it should be corrected when the mistake is noticed.

  • Spamming and trolling

Don’t spam comments, don’t spam private messages, don’t tag people to the point when it’s spamming, don’t spam post. On the same note, don’t troll conversations just for the sake of, well, trolling. Be a real person and have a real conversation – only this time, online.

  • Racism, sexism, and any other discrimination

Greenworlder is a safe space where everyone is welcomed just as they are. This includes all people no matter their race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender orientation, religion, disability or disease, age, or any other status.

We don’t tolerate racism, sexism, bullying, name-calling, discrimination, personal attacks or harassment of any kind. Don’t engage in this kind of behaviour and similarly, don’t turn a blind eye if you see this kind of things happening. If you witness any behaviour like this, please report to the community management (, sending us a DM, or by tagging us @greenworlde.r

  • Illegal activities

Illegal activities such as trading of illegal material (illegal drugs, child pornography etc.) and supporting illegal activities, are strictly forbidden on Greenworlder, as well as any act regarding human trafficking and prostitution. If it’s not legal in your everyday life, it certainly is not allowed on Greenworlder.

If you witness any behaviour like this, please contact the community management immediately either by email (, or by a DM on the Greenworlder platform.

Impersonating others and creating fake accounts

Everyone is welcome to Greenworlder – as long as they come as themselves. Deliberately impersonating others with fraudulent intent is against our community policies, as well as creating fake accounts to increase one’s following count or anonymously follow conversations.

The user is allowed to register with the name they wish to be used and this name doesn’t have to be a birth name. However, this name and the content of the profile must represent the user somehow and they must identify with it.

If you come across an account you believe is fake or impersonating someone else, or you are being a victim of this kind of behaviour, contact community management (

Explicit material

Explicit material is not accepted on Greenworlder. This means no pictures or very realistic art showcasing genitals, or other explicit material, such as sexual acts. Stay especially alerted with material showcasing people who are or could be misprinted as underaged. Some deliberately designed political or commercial campaigns may make an exemption but before posting them, it is safest to contact our community management ( to discuss the details. In any content including nudity in one way or another, the person in the picture must have given their consent for sharing the image.

Subsequently, overly brutal and violent content does not belong on Greenworlder. When talking about topics such as animal cruelty, for example in food and clothing production, fishing, or famine and natural disasters, or domestic or racism-related violence, the material may shock some of the viewers. However, these topics may be discussed on Greenworlder and therefore this kind of visual material is not automatically counted as overly brutal. Consideration is recommended before posting and unnecessary amount of blood, violence, or other disturbing details should not be showcased. If unsure about any content, reach out to the community management ( or DM us.

We do understand that the level of sensitivity in content varies from person to person. If you have seen something you believe crosses the line, please contact our community management either by email (, by tagging us, or by sending us a DM.

Material encouraging to harm oneself

Showcasing and glorifying self-harm is against Greenworlder’s community policies. Self-harm consists of things such intentionally cutting, burning or otherwise physically causing damage to oneself, drug and alcohol abuse, positively showcasing or glorifying eating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia nevrosa, and suicidal ideation.

These topics are allowed to be discussed on the platform in a healthy manner, for example by sharing forms of support available, offering educational content around the topic for prevention matters, and to talk about reasons leading to these circumstances. Recovery stories are also welcomed but without explicit visual material.

If unsure about material, contact community management ( or DM us.


Promotion, recruitment, encouragement, or inciting acts of terrorism is not accepted on Greenworlder. This includes openly supporting or celebrating terrorist organisations, their violent activities, or leaders, or sharing news and other material showcasing acts of terrorism in a positive light.

If you have seen something you believe crosses the line, please contact our community management either by email (, by tagging us, or by sending us a DM.

Privacy violations

We don’t allow spreading anyone’s personal information without their permission or to illegally gain access to personal data. This data includes things such as credit card information, address, telephone number, and social security number.

If you have seen something you believe crosses the line, please contact our community management either by email (, by tagging us, or by sending us a DM.

Violating the Community Guidelines

Violating our community guidelines may lead to a warning and further violations may lead to a temporary or permanent deactivation or suspension of your account.

We ask our community members to report any violation of the community guidelines to our community management by sending a DM, tagging Greenworlder on the platform, sending an email (, or reporting the content by using “report a problem” button.

These community guidelines may be updated from time to time by Greenworlder at Greenworlder’s discretion. Material changes to our community guidelines will be announced on our platform.

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