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Think of your actions — like driving, using lights, or eating a burger — as creating a "gas shadow" in the air. This shadow, your carbon footprint, adds to Earth's blanket of gases, which makes our planet warmer.

But here's the cool part: on Greenworlder you can shrink your carbon footprints with simple actions and help other users — your classmates, your favorite tiktokers, singers, stars and even companies — reduce their footprint. Choosing to bike instead of car rides, downloading videos instead of streaming, or asking a friend instead of Google can make a big difference.

By saving your carbon footprint and balancing others in fun action posts, you earn green tokens and contribute to saving the Earth. Make a big impact, effortlessly.

how does the greenworlder app work? 

The Greenworlder App allows you to do everything you can do on any social media platform and more! 


More, you ask? Earn Greenworlder Tokens; as a user, you’ll receive these tokens for helping your friends offset their environmental impact with your sustainable actions so you can save the Earth together! 💚


You can also help your favorite content creator, classmate, singer, your favorite brand or your city to go carbon neutral. Enter this funny challenge, do it in streaks and double the tokens and the fun. 

what people are saying


Glad that this space exists. I hope to learn and share with other concerned earth citizens.



I have just joined and want to start making a real change in the World and having an impact. Thanks to all of you for caring!!


Beginning my formal studies in sustainability and environmental management soon. Pleased to join this app as well. Looking forward to learning from each other and sharing knowledge.

Super happy to find this platform! Curious if there are folks from my area of the South Eastern United States!


Hi guys! My first post here, very glad to see a platform like this. I love to discuss opportunities around minimal spending and sustainable development takes a huge part in that change to financial freedom

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