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Top Green Voices

Greenworlder Top Voices 2023 - Pioneering a Greener Future Together is our global initiative where we bring the most brilliant minds in climate change and sustainability together to co-create a strategy for transforming our world into a thriving eco-friendly haven.

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Betsy Rosenberg

Award-winning journalist & environmental media pioneer. Dedicated to eco-communication, solutions-oriented interviewing, and sharing vital stories. Founder of, a leading-edge green programming platform.

Betsy Rosenberg is the first sustainability expert we invited over to the platform and to kick things off, she wrote an expert article about the lack of mainstream media coverage on climate change.

Raising the Alarm: How Mainstream Media Fails to Cover Environmental News

written by: Betsy Rosenberg

When the  Greenworlder team approached me with the opportunity to share my opinion in an article for this exciting new platform, I immediately knew what topic to choose. You could consider it a bit of an obsession as I’ve been hyper-focused on our urgent need to fight climate catastrophe for the past quarter century.

That’s how long I’ve been interviewing environmental leaders on all shades of green topics be they scientists, advocates, activists, authors, artists, green biz and tech experts, or the too few politicians who actually care about our planet’s future.

My particular preoccupation has long been with the dearth of mainstream media coverage on climate and other critically important environmental news, since we know how impactful media support can be for life and death emergencies like Covid.  It is no longer an exaggeration to say that if ignored by society, the worsening interrelated climate, ocean, biodiversity, etc. crises threaten to bring an end to this human experiment. It has become increasingly evident that we must protect and preserve our life support system or face an increasingly dangerous and precarious future.

It is mind-boggling to me, and others, that twenty-five years into creating self-funded independent green media programs, there is still almost no support for this key missing piece of the puzzle. If we fail to educate, engage, inform and inspire the masses to act with greater stewardship and urgency, we cannot succeed in meeting emissions reductions deadlines rapidly approaching. With just a little over six years remaining until the date scientists agree we must decrease greenhouse gas emissions by half, we cannot achieve this goal without mobilizing millions of Americans and global citizens in the fight for our lives, and for our children's futures.

I’d bet my life on it ––because I already have.


As host and producer of several environmentally focused radio shows, including the first to air daily, I have reported on the billions of dollars that have been invested in clean tech, as well as the millions now being granted to organizations addressing environmental injustice. These are both crucial areas of importance but a key overlooked area of focus remains ...

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