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Our Team

Greenworlder is a social media network for sustainability. Together, as a community, we can work to increase sustainability in our everyday lives and create a real impact on our planet and society through the power of network. 

On Greenworlder, you can read news about sustainability, share articles, pictures and experiences. You can connect with top green voices and follow sustainability initiatives of enterprises. We aim to bring all information on sustainability united on one platform and accessible to everyone.

Peter Bartholin and William Ahlefeldt, both originally from Denmark, launched Greenworlder in Luxembourg. Both Peter and William wanted to make a difference in environmental action and came up with the idea of a social platform dedicated to sustainability. Through this platform, people who had little knowledge about climate change could learn more and begin to have an impact as well. They were joined by Daniel Klemetz as a CEO, an experienced telecom professional with a broad experience in strategy, procurement, and governance. 

Greenworlder Team
Greenworlder Team
Greenworlder Team
Greenworlder Team
Mascot #1: Lupo
Mascot #2: Rollo

Peter Bartholin


Daniel Klemetz


William Ahlefeldt


Our Team.

The team behind the platform!

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